Monday, August 31, 2009

Urgent Prayers for Lucas Nelson

This gorgeous little boy was diagnosed two months ago with ATRT. He had one tumor in his spine. He has been given high dose chemo at Primary Childrens Hospital. When they did an MRI things looked good, the tumor was responding. Then all of the sudden he seemed to be in pain. Another MRI was preformed two weeks later and the cancer had spread throughout his spine and into his brain. Lucas was sent home.

This is the latest post..

Lucas slipped into a Coma sometime in the afternoon yesterday, Sunday, as he was being held by loved ones. Our hospice nurse came out last night to confirm his unresponsive state as a Coma. We are grateful to all who have come to visit and as always to all those who have been Angels to us throughout Lucas' struggle. Our faith is strong, but our hearts are broken. We feel a calm assurance that Lucas will be fine and soon will be with his Father in Heaven and his Savior. We lovingly and respectfully ask that visits be limited to immediate family and please understand that we would love to visit with everyone, but our time with Lucas seems limited. We appreciate your continued prayers for our family as it has given us much strength and support. I wish we could give more personal responses to all of your comments and acts of kindness, please take this as our way of saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lucas is a very special boy sent to unlock the love in people's hearts and teach us lessons we might not otherwise learn. It seems his mission is drawing to a close. We love you our friends. Thank you.
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