Sunday, August 23, 2009

Angel Llimaya...................

Forever in our hearts

Posted Aug 17, 2009 4:57pm

I am sorry to inform everyone with the news of Maya's passing. Yesterday, things changed so quickly. Her sodium levels were low which caused her to have seizures. We kept trying to correct it but it seemed that it was not holding her. We decided to stop trying and shut off the monitors and enjoy our moments with her. At this point her oxygen level had began to decrease. We sat there for hours and hours as she gasped for breaths. She looked comfortable, pain free. She continued the morphine drip for pain and was given a few medications to help prevent seizures. It was at the point where we wanted her to go in peace. We were in the room staring at each other as we waited and waited for her to go. She still wanted to fight. This morning she did not lose her battle to cancer. She stuck cancer right through and held her head high! She was in the arms of many loved ones. She passed away at 8:40 in the morning. She slept right through. Services will be held on Wed. We will repost for details. Thank you so much for your support. email us suggestions as we start our celebration of her life.

Her Bio...............

It always strikes as a shock that all can change in the matter of seconds. In our case, just one moment.Llimaya was hospitalized for the first time on November 2nd, 2008 for a tumor in her brain. It is located in her right cerebellum ( the part of your brain that controls the function of your movement). The tumor affected her central nervous system causing damages to some of the abilities she used during her everyday life. They placed her on a steroid to help reduce the swelling of her brain. Thursday November 6th, 2008 there was a surgical goal for the benefit of this severe scare. The Neurosurgeons were performing a biopsy and were in attempt to remove enough of the tissue from the tumor to release pressure off of the brain. The surgical goal was met and they were able to remove enough of the tumor to keep her safe until further treatment. Although, it was not a total resection, it was enough to buy time for us to enjoy. The diagnosis was ATRT, a highly malignant tumor that appears in pediatrics. She was discharged and able to go home after the surgery. She enjoyed being home with her family and made use of her time with DORA THE EXPLORER! We returned prepared for our journey and our fight. She has multiple sites. The more sites the harder to treat. She has about 3 tumors that you could measure and other what appears to look like a spray painted coating of tumor cells that could actually form a solid mass. Cancer will be administered through her port a cath (central line), double lumen (central line), and ommaya reservoir ( catheter in the brain that lets chemo flow through your cerebro spinal fluid).


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