Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on Half of the Warriors.....

Alexa Brown continues to hang on and fight for this last few days of her life. Her family is thankful for each extra day they are blessed with. Please pay for a easy transition to Heaven for her.

Alexis Agin continues to do well!! She is diagnosed with DIPG and has already beaten the odds with how well she is doing. She is do for a MRI soon so please pray. Visit her site, her Father has a profound way with words...

Alyssa Dennewitz is doing amazing! Last MRI, in May CLEAR!!! Her mother has a really strong post on her site right now go read it..

Amber Veale is struggling with her chemo and in and out of the hospital.

Angelica Hurley had a stable MRI in May and now only has to scan every 6 months...

Annette Maxey is struggling to build back up her body and chemo has been delayed.

Ava Beth has done extremely well with her bone marrow rescues..

Avalanna Routh has RELAPSED WITH FEW OPTIONS LEFT.. Her family is obviously heartbroken and she is their only child.

Avery Gallagher is enjoying life at home.

Bishop Mikaelian just got back from her Make A Wish trip and is due for an MRI this week, prayers needed.

Brianna Moore has been having very strong seizures and though the recent MRI was Clear they are still worry some. She has been doing pool therapy and loves it.

Brook Johnson is well a miracle. She has survived relapsed ATRT and is home enjoying life and living cancer FREE...

Caden Safer is doing well and has started on Homeopathic medicine to try and rid is body of his cancer.

Caitie Army is struggling with her chemo, prayers please.

Caleb Gulizia had his MRI/MRA on July 7 no results yet.

Carson Leslie has been accepted at St. Jude for a trial medicine after his family was told there was nothing left for him.

Clay Dixon has an MRI coming up and has been experiencing some right sided numbness of his face please pray.

Cole Carpenter is considered cancer free. He just had a surgery to remove what was scar tissue!!!

Darcy Cassidy is still in the middle of intense treatments but seems to be handling them well.

Dasia Atkinson is a MIRACLE and has completely beaten the odds with DIPG. Her tumor continues to be STABLE.

Delaney Starcher is scheduled for her MRI on the 23rd. All the prayers would be helpful as she fights this terminal tumor.

Emerson Crane his last MRI showed a decrease in size of tumor!!! YEA!!!

Evan Pertile has MRI's today. Please pray for clear scans so he can go home..

Gianna Gillian has been taken off of intravenous feeds and has started eating on her own.

Grant Tatro just had clear SCANS!!!

Grayson Anderson just had surgery and has had to go 7 days with no food.. Awful.

Hailey Ann Trainer is in Florida receiving Proton Beam Radiation. She is doing extremely well and her whole family is there with her.

Isaac Chatfield is in the middle of his chemo.

Jake Dambrauskas the miracle boy is struggling with his liver functions. He has become jaundice and doctors are scrambling to try and fix it.

Joe Slater is doing so well they just took his central line out!!

Jonathan Mullis is in the middle of his chemo.

Julia Pinotti just got a STABLE SCAN......

Justin Hutchins is in a hospice type hospital and sadly declining.

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