Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Maryn..............

Maryn Nicole Cella, born on October 20th 2005 was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in June, 2009. The name of this tumor is "Diffuse Pontine Glioma". Maryn's parents were told that she would have 9-12 months of life even with radiation therapy.

Maryn and her parents are moving mountains to find a miracle and save their sweet angel. They are blessed with a community of generous neighbors, family members and friends willing to pitch in and help in this time of need - and they are thankful to everyone!

Maryn is an incredibly brave child. Each day she goes to radiation therapy, she has a smile on her face and enters the radiation room to be sedated with little or no fear. We are amazed at her perseverance and willingness to think of others even when at the hospital.

Maryn epitomizes what we should all try to be with the way she is caring for others and putting others concerns first.

Maryn loves little stuffed animal toys and to play with her four sisters. Maryn also likes to watch her favorite cartoon called, "Calliou". Maryn loves the color pink and is always wanting to color in her coloring books.

Maryn and her Mother have gone "RAW" in hopes of not feeding this terrible tumor. Please go to this site and donate. There is also a link to her mother's blog which gives up to date information on how Maryn is doing.

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  1. your blog makes me sad. lol. but aware. keep up the good work!