Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss Sadie...............

I know I have featured her in the month of May but this family continues to impact my life with their strength and faith. Though Sadie is likely in the last days of her life here on Earth they remain upbeat and strong!
This is the last entry on their blog:
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The faith and testimony of Miss Sadie...
Sadie is holding her own. She enjoyed a pretty good weekend, yet has been a bit more mellow the last couple of days. The last couple of nights she has had a hard time getting to sleep, but sleeps good and long once she is there. She also seems to be getting more agitated and frustrated with her little body, in the most tender-hearted of ways... just a bit emotional. In regards to pain or discomfort, it's occasional and from the spasms in her arms, but the medicine we give her is able to relax her pretty quick. Her breathing issues seem sporadic, and with her checkup yesterday the nurse couldn't hear any fluid on her lungs. So we're thankful she seems more comfortable in that regard. She discovered Rocky Road ice cream over the weekend, and that has become a staple food. She woke up from a late nap around dinner time, and not long afterwards, though she looked alert and rested, she said she wanted to take a nap. We got her ready for bed and here we are. She's just fell asleep after a long period of trying to get there. I hope she is finding much happiness and peace when she is sleeping... seems she was excited to get back to the shut-eye. We went on a walk yesterday, colored today (we shared hands), read a lot of books... she knows what she wants and we do it.We continue to have many visitors and help and so appreciate it. We have been graced with the love of our siblings frequently and other extended family have come by. Zac and I have a huge and wonderful blended family between us, so there is a lot of love around! It has been humbling to have some of our grandparents (Sadie's great-grandparents) make the trek out to our home... we aren't exactly around the corner from them all, and I know how much they enjoy driving, so it means a lot. Also, my most sincere thanks for your prayers for Grandpa Morley; he passed away peacefully on Sunday afternoon... lived a long and great 94 years.
So I'll post some pictures from throughout this week later on. I felt like I should share some of Sadie's drawings with you... not sure why... they are sure special. I have saved tons of Sadie's drawings since she was diagnosed, as she became a drawing queen during this timeframe. As you know, we strive to rely much on our faith and beliefs, particularly in this time... these give an added measure to holding fast to that faith. These particular pictures amazed me and softened my heart when she first drew them; we never knew what she was drawing, and she wouldn't show us until she was finished. So to say these soften me to mush at this time is an understatement. She has a giant love for the gospel and particularly our Savior. She has strengthened my testimony through her own... and makes me strive to have the faith she does. These may depict to you the spiritual giant in that little body... wise beyond her years. In a time so extremely hard, these bring a boost of sorts. With Sadie's permission to post these, here you go. Thank you for your continued prayers for Sadie and her comfort.

Please go to her blog and look at all the cute drawings by Sadie about Heaven and walking hand and hand with Jesus.
Her blog address is in the side bar! Go leave them a message!

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